Racine's Hometown Lawn Service Company

Premier Lawns is a family-owned, owner-operated, environmentally correct lawn care service. We are commited to the highest quality service possible.

The Value of Premier Lawns

Premier Lawns - Expert Lawn and Tree Care

Our Commitment to Service

We put extra time and care into our customers' properties. Why? Because we know that quality service is essential in maintaining our clients' valued business and developing a strong, long term business relationship. Premier Lawns will quickly respond to your needs. We have the expertise and flexibility to meet your specific needs. We incorporate both proven and cutting-edge techniques into our lawn care process.


With over 22 years of experience in commercial and residential lawncare, we know what it takes to make your landscape a Premier Showcase. All of our personnel are state licensed and state certified lawncare professionals, who are specifically trained to use and apply products with efficiency and accuracy.


Your complete lawncare program is automatically scheduled and performed at the proper time. We take the guesswork out of lawncare. Your Premier Lawncare program enables you to sit back, relax and enjoy your thick, green, beautiful landscape.

Environmental Benefits

Do you want a beautiful green lawn, but worry about the chemicals involved? Premier Lawns understands your concern. That's why we "spot spray" pesticides only when and where trained Premier Lawn professionals find it necessary. We make the long-term health of your family and property our priority.

Call us at 262-886-9004, and discover the benefits of personal and environmentally correct lawn care.